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The printed version of The Book of Holes (Hullebogen) was published in Denmark by Gyldendal in 2005. In 2006, it was named one of the year’s best designed books by AIGA. (AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers)


Juror Notes

“A die-cut hole through the entire book is the focus of this children’s book about the holes in our bodies. Honest presentation of information is enhanced by whimsical drawing.”

Acknowledged by Apple

Our app launched on July 25th, 2013, and was featured as one of the iTunes App Store's 20 New and Noteworthy apps for that week.


Apple continues to promote our app in the top banner of their iPad App Books section, as well as in their Life Lessons section.

Our first media award, the prestigious Kirkus Starred Review

awarded to only the top 10% of the books they review. (08.21.2013)

Kirkus also selected The Book of Holes as one of The Best Book Apps of 2013


Nice to get noticed in Europe as well:
We were included in The Guardian UK's 20 Best Apps of the Week

Great review, and bilingual too! Top Best Apps for Kids & Beste Kinder Apps


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The Daily Heller

“I love the wit of the book.” —Steven Heller



Apps Playground

 “It has a fun and irreverent tone throughout ….. Our boys absolutely love it … The app makes a great shared experience, as it poses lots of questions and stimulates some great conversations. Definitely one to be enjoyed together.”



Geeks with Juniors

 “The book is certainly witty, and provocative…The interesting questions asked throughout the book would also prompt many interesting discussions between you and your juniors…. I really like the author's great sense of humor. While most juniors would not be able to understand, I'm sure that many parents would appreciate the laugh. I have a feeling that the jokes in the book are actually meant for parents who accompany their juniors as they read….Another thing that I like how the mini games and interactivity are so tightly coupled with the book. This means that readers wouldn't feel like they've been taken off to an entirely unrelated section. Instead, each interaction lets juniors explore, engage, be curious, and be entertained at the same time….The Book of Holes is not your typical non-fiction books for kids. It's suitable for everyone, including early readers, young teens, and even parents. I'd suggest parents read this book first to enjoy the wit and learn the clues. Afterwards, you can invite your juniors to read the book with you. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a rewarding parental experience.”



Quirky Tech

 “Strange and beautiful and silly and fun….What I like most about The Book of Holes is that it’s unexpected and a bit edgy. Sure, it’s kid-friendly, but the pictures and concepts aren’t at all childish. It takes talent to present images with layers of meaning such that young kids can enjoy them, even while the messages go right over their heads….Kids will most likely enjoy the sound effects the most. The interactive spots are fun, but it’s the silly noises, musical notes, and gross sounds that will make them giggle and keep on playing.”




 “This app is a perfect combination of education and entertainment.”


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