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Poul Lange, Writer, Illustrator, Co-founder, and Owner, has more than twenty years of experience in book publishing in Europe and the United States. He has designed hundreds of book jackets and has written and illustrated several children’s books. His illustrations have won numerous awards.


Kayoko Suzuki-Lange, Art Director, Co-founder, and Owner, has more than ten years of experience in editorial design. She has worked for magazines such as GQ and Essence, and has been a consultant on tablet design for Esquire and Billboard, among others.


Rob Seward, Chief Technical Officer, is a Brooklyn-based artist and iOS developer. He has worked as a software engineer for clients such as Nike, BMW, Thrillist, and the Guggenheim.


Tracey Hill, Marketing Manager, is a Brooklyn-based writer and blogger. She attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop and has worked in publishing as an editor for many years.


Our apps are created with the help of many talented collaborators, including Zero Boy, a renowned human beat box and voice acrobat, Memo, actress and narrator. Also popular singer Søs Fenger is featuring narration for the upcoming The Book of Holes Danish version.

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